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Water Pipe Repair
Salt Lake City

It’s just as important to get pipes repaired as soon as there’s damage detected as it is to regularly maintain them. After all, they are extremely important for both commercial and residential properties to remain safe and functional. They bring clean water in and help remove water wastes from the building. So when these pipes get damaged, it becomes a great inconvenience for the people in the property.

A&B Sewer & Plumbing offers water pipe repair services in Salt Lake City. Our team of professional plumbers are equipped with all the best skills and highest quality tools in the industry to ensure that your plumbing system’s integrity is always kept at its best.

Main Causes of Damaged Pipes

Pipe Corrosion and Aging

Most pipes are estimated to have a lifespan of more or less an average of 40 years depending on the materials they’re made of. In many cases, especially for steel, copper, and other metal-based pipes, the deterioration can be faster due to rust that results from water and moisture. Needless to say, it’s best to call for professional pipe repair before your whole piping system crumbles.

Clogged Pipes

All kinds of materials can get stuck and pile up inside the pipes. When water is blocked from passing through these clogged areas, the pressure may accumulate and cause the pipes to rupture. And that leads to water leaks in the property — in the yard, ceiling, or even walls, depending on where the ruptured pipes are.

Tree Roots and Land Movements

It’s not uncommon in Salt Lake City for lawns to have abundant trees and other greenery. But when trees grow, their roots also expand and take up more space underground. If it happens that there are pipes on the way, it’s possible for those roots to hit those pipes and damage them, causing the pipe to burst and the liquid inside to leak out. These huge holes can only be properly fixed by pipe repair professionals; if done any differently, there’s risk of the rupture reopening or not being completely sealed.

Hire Professional Pipe Repair

It’s a must to avail of regular inspection and maintenance for your plumbing systems to keep your pipes healthy for a long time. When your pipes are properly looked after, the chances of it getting damaged becomes less likely. It also becomes easier to detect — and repair — existing damages. And A&B Sewer & Plumbing does all these services; not only water pipe repair but also installations, regular maintenance, inspections, and other necessary jobs to keep your plumbing system safe. We offer these services to Salt Lake City as well as the rest of Utah and other places in Nevada. So feel free to send us an email or give us a call for any plumbing-related problems.