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A&B Sewer & Plumbing provides sewer and plumbing services across Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. We specialize in cleaning, repairing, and replacing sewer system and septic tank components, which we offer for both residential and commercial properties. With our complete set of services, your property can be secured to have healthy sewers and drainage.

Having your property’s drains and sewers regularly cleaned is essential for its sanitation and overall integrity. These are where water and wastes pass through to avoid accumulating, so when the drains aren’t properly maintained, lots of structural problems can arise. You can experience clogging, water contamination, corrosion or possibly even plumbing.

drain cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Water going down your drain too slowly, unpleasant odor coming out of the drain, and unexplained puddles in your yard — these are just some of the most common signs of a clogged drain. And these problems can range from being minor inconveniences to serious threats to the building’s structural integrity. Getting professional drain cleaning can ensure that your property isn’t compromised against these issues.

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Pipe Repair

The pipes carry water supply across your property, so when they stop working, it becomes a serious problem that can interfere with your plans for the day — or even much longer if left neglected. Moreover, you’ll have to deal with expensive water bills thanks to the unstoppable leaks when the pipes burst. So it’s important to call for plumbing services and get your pipe repaired as soon as possible to avoid getting yourself stuck in an even bigger problem.

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Pipe Repair
Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair

Damaged sewers are among the most troublesome property problems, and folks usually wouldn’t want to deal with it themselves. Aside from the possibility of the job creating unwanted mess, it’s also difficult for non-professionals to assess the extent of the problem with a hundred percent accuracy. Fortunately, professionals have all the skills and equipment to fix sewer damages properly.

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Septic Tanks

We provide septic tank services in Salt Lake City, from inspection to maintenance to repairs. These solutions ensure that your sewage facilities remain functional so that it can continue to effectively store and process out the water and waste from your property. This way, there’s no risk of contamination in your property soil and water supply.

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Septic Tanks
Sewer Repair

Grease Traps

Even when your sinks and drainages are designed to shred hard solid wastes, grease is still one of the most stubborn materials that could mess up with your sewage system, being insoluble in most water-based solutions. And if left uncleaned for too long, grease can accumulate and solidify in the pipes, causing clogging and water damage. But with a grease trap, cleaning grease can become easier and more efficient.

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Our Equipment

A&B Sewer & Plumbing makes use of industry-grade equipment for all the sewer and plumbing services we provide across Salt Lake City.

  • 6ft-tall low-clearance pump truck with an 800-gallon waste tank and a powerful Masport® pump
  • Pump trucks with 2200-gallon, 3000-gallon, 6000-gallon, and 12000-gallon tanker capacities
  • CAT pump high-pressure jetter that pumps water at 20–40 gpm and 4000–6000 psi; 350 ft long hose for 4–6 inch sewer lines
  • Camel Super Sucker Pump Truck with 800 ft long one-inch jetter hose yielding 3000 psi and 70 gpm for up to 4 ft wide city sewer lines
  • HIBON® vacuum blower with 5000 cfm for vacuuming all sorts of materials, including rocks
  • Hydrovac trucks for excavations 6-inch to 14-inch wide and 35 ft deep excavations
  • 4-inch trailer-mounted Pioneer trash pump that can release water at 1200 gpm and run nonstop for 24 hours

Why Choose A&B Sewer & Plumbing

A&B Sewer & Plumbing has been providing sewer and plumbing services to all of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas with more than 25 years of experience. Our services are among the most high-quality in the area, prioritizing your satisfaction with every job we complete. We also provide the best customer support, so if you have any questions and concerns about our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. You can also visit our contact page to directly send us your message.